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By mustangoptical222, Jun 12 2015 06:59PM

First of all, I want to preface this by saying that we are not "bashing" ALL vision insurance plans. I do, however, want to shed some light on a few misconceptions about insurance so that you, our valued customer, have all the info you need.

Truth Number One: You DO NOT have to go to an "In-Network Provider"...

With exception to only ONE vision plan that I can think of, you can go anywhere you like to purchase glasses or contacts. Thats right... Anywhere.

Now, there are some Pros and Cons - For example: Depending on where you choose to go, you may have to file the claim yourself, mail the claim to the insurance, provide receipts to proove the validity, etc. But if you do those things, your insurance is REQUIRED to pay you back a portion of the cost.

I know what you are thinking -- "How much will they pay?? Is it worth all the hassle??" -- And, unfortunately, I dont know... It Depends...

Here's the thing -- For the most part, your insurance will pay you the same that they would pay their in-network providers. What I mean by that isthis - Your Insurance has a Contracted Amount that it is going to pay for Frames, Lenses, and Contacts. That amount can either go to the Provider, or it can go to you... But the amount is usually the same. All you need to do to know exactly what they will pay is to call and ask...

And, just so you know, here at Mustang Optical... I will do it for you. Come by the store -- or you can call if you prefer - although its easier if I can see your card - and I will do all the work for you... For real... Not kidding...

You may also be wondering about all those "benefits", like your $120-$150 Frame Allowance, or your Free Single Vision lenses with a $10 copay... Do you get those as well?? This one is easy: No.

Which leads me to

Truth Number Two: Your "In-Network Benefits" dont really cover all that much...

Here is an example:

A lovely customer of ours with a certain vision insurance plan came in to our store the other day. With our assistance the customer found a gorgeous frame that was their favorite color and fit them perfectly. After discovering that we were not "in-network", the customer wanted to check with an in-network provider to see what the price difference was. After finding a provider nearby, the customer found some glasses and received a quote with her "in-network savings". The customer came back to our store and asked how much our glasses would be.

Our price was $5 cheaper without counting the amount she would receive upon submitting the paperwork for her "out of network reimbursement" -- Not to mention how much they pay each month for having this insurance.

In Conclusion...

To sum things up: Dont think that since you have Vision Insurance it means that you cant get your glasses from us here at Mustang Optical. You still can. We will look up your insurance for you, find out what they will pay, and do all the work. And in some cases - like with VSP for example - we can actually get paid directly from your insurance so that all you will pay is the difference!

Secondly, really look at what your insurance is costing you. Look at how much your glasses cost when you got them from the provider. Is it really worth having? And if you need help, dont hesitate to bring your plan and your receipts. We would be more than happy to sit down with you and look at the numbers. We have a lot of experience dealing with insurance and would love to assist you.

Thank you so much for reading my first blog! It was fun! And if you made it this far... That means you read the whole thing! That is impressive... Not that you can read, but that you took the time to read my words... I really appreciate it! To show my appreciation, if you come in to the store and say that you read my blog, I will give you a Free Gift! Its not fancy... But its Free... So you cant really complain...

See you next time!!

By guest, May 4 2015 07:23PM

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