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If your eyeglasses need repairs, you've come to the right place.  We can fit your lenses into one of our frames or supply new lenses for your frames.  We specialize in repairing  metal and plastic eyeglass frames. We can modify any type of frame to make wearing your eyeglasses more comfortable! Same day service is available!

Always stocked with the right parts

At Mustang Optical, we are stocked with common and unique parts to repair your eyeglasses properly. We offer an unsurpassed repair service. From drilling and replacing broken screws to welding most metal frames, our repairs are top notch.


We adjust and fit glasses to fit your needs. We match base curves on your lenses to maximize visual field. We also offer tinting and coatings to give you optimal comfort.

All types of same-day repairs!

• Lengthen or shorten temples

• Spring hinge repairs

• Temple hinge welding

• Bridge replacements

• Drill-mount repairs

• Rimless frame repairs

• Stainless steel frame repairs

• Nose pad repairs

Same-day repairs for any style eyeglasses



If your having trouble adapting to your new glasses come by and recieve a FREE analysis whether you purchased with us or elsewhere!

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Eyewear do's and dont's

Choosing the right frames

  • For an oval face, almost any frame shape will suffice. The best choice, however, is a strong horizontal shape extending a bit beyond the sides of your face.

  • For a face that is pear-shaped [like an inverted triangle] oval, aviator, or round shapes will be best.

  • For an angular or square face, round and oval frames are your best choice.

  • Round faces look best in a square, bold, or angular frame. Some upsweep along the brow line is also appealing.

  • With a face that is long and narrow, you should look for angular, geometric frames.

  • When in doubt, go with the classic aviator, or "goggle" shape. This traditionals style looks good on just about anyone.

Faces come in a variety of different shapes and colors that is why eyewear comes in so many styles!



•Do clean lint or dust from your lenses with a soft cloth or eyeglass cleaning tissue. To remove oil, smudges, and fingerprints, a lens cleaner is highly recommended.

•Do use an eyeglasses case.

•Do place them on folded templates with the frame always facing upward, if you leave your sunglasses on a table, or any other surface without a case.

•Do remove glasses gently with both hands.

•Do put sunglasses away in a case, in your pocket, handbag, or briefcase when not wearing them - to prevent loss.

•Don't clean your sunglasses with a rough fabric ie: wool or denim. Never use your fingernails to remove a spot on the lens surface.

•Don't put  your glasses in a bag or pocket without a case. Sharp edges of keys, combs, and the like might scratch the lenses.

•Don't put your glasses face down on a table or hard surface.

•Don't leave your sunglasses with plastic frames on the dashboard of your car on a hot day.